#Roadtrip: Peaks Island Maine (a bit of Portland too!) Part 1

You will all find out over time, or now! That Maine plays a big roll in everything I do. Being a New Englander allows you choices each summer, Cape Cod, The Island, Maine, CT shore, RI shore, White Mountains? Burlington VT? Honestly, its kinda endless.

Peaks Island

For me, I have been summering on Peaks Island since the age of 3.  So the choice was made

for us (which is OK by us!). We have a house up there, we have friends up there, we have a routine.  But I have never looked at it like we do here at Road and Snack.  What do we see, who do we see, what do we eat, where do we eat, what kind of crazy cars are on this tiny island? Below we explore a bit… Enjoy!

We mentioned a routine, right? Well, Any trip to Portland/Peaks starts w/ Lunch at Gritty’s in the old port.  A  brew pub yes, but for us, a place to grab a sandwich, post our 18 month old son up and enjoy after a 2 hour ride. Get the Reuben, a brown ale and call it lunch.

GrittyMcduffs3 Gritty Mcduffs2A quick visit to Casco Bay Ferry lines, and a smooth ride later, we are on Peaks Island, our home away from home!

Peaks Island Maine LandingAmong many of our favorite things (anywhere) but on Peaks are all the different modes of transportation. On any given day you can see a Mercedes SUV, a VW beetle (original of course), a 90’s era Jeep Cherokee, golf carts, Audi’s, a million bikes, more golf carts, a Lincoln continental w/ flowers wedged in the grill to anything in between. Eclectic doesn’t even define it!

Brads Bikes Peaks Island
Brads Bikes
Audi in LIne on Peaks Island
Audi A5 Inline for the Ferry
Land Rover Peaks Island
Well Loved Island Land Rover
Peaks Island Land Rover
Island Land Rover
An Island Hardware Delivery Truck
Merc SUV, parked next to the delivery truck!

See, we weren’t kidding! And these are just some of the cars you will see up there!
Stay tuned for Part II, where we checkout some of our favorite dinning options on Peaks, and a special desert and after dinner cocktail at Fore Street in Portland!

Road and Snack

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