#Roadtrip Peaks & Portland Maine Part II

Alright gang, so we have reviewed the amusing collection of cars that can be found on Peaks Island, and a few of our favorite must hits. Lets now check out our daily coffee and breakfast spot, and some special moments at Fore St.

As a family man, w/ a young dude (18 months!) our days start early.   Needless to say, coffee plays an important roll in our lives. So our days on Peaks start, always, at Lisa’s Cafe.  With a selection of locally made coffees, made to order breakfast sandwiches, and fresh baked goodies (muffins, croissants, pastries etc..) we are able to infuse the needed caffeine into our systems. And enjoy a sausage egg and cheese on a bagel of course also ;).

Lisas Cafe Peaks Sign

Lisas Cafe Peaks Coffee
Coffee at Lisa’s: Peaks Island Blend every time!
Lisa’s on a sunny Peaks morning

Lisas Cafe PeaksAnd lets also discuss the epic views we can then enjoy. Since its about a 19 second walk to the water from Lisa’s, we take our java and our sangies and sit here.

The Car Ferry Off to Portland
The Car Ferry Off to Portland

But we all know Portland Maine is a #foodie paradise, right? It just so happens this last #roadtrip allowed for 1 night across Casco Bay.  We were only able to score a late night beverage and desert at our top/ultimate spot, Fore St. What we experienced at the bar was borderline perfect.  Its been our place for years, before the crowds, before the popularity… and this time they out did themselves.

We arrived too late for a snack, the kitchen was closed, no worries.  I wanted a classic, old school, Mad Men era after dinner drink.  A B+B was selected, and poured into a snifter glass, and we snuck over to the far corner of the bar. Perfect. A dessert and cheese plate menu was left for us to review, and we each grabbed a dessert.

Fore Street Portland
Raspberry Sorbet w/ an Oatmeal Crust. Epic!
Chocolate Terrine. Speechless.
Chocolate Terrine. Speechless.

The evening couldn’t be better, literally a perfect end at our favorite Portland spot.

If you haven’t been, believe all the hype, fight the summer crowds, make the trip and go to Fore St. And also get to Peaks. You can day trip it, you can rent a house, you can do both. Just get up there and enjoy!

Road and Snack

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