#RoadTrip: Eastern CT

Road trip and Foodie friends!

How is the summer going you ask? Its been epic, lots of day trips, lots to eat (and drink!) and way more to come. Our most recent adventure took us to a sleepy town in Eastern CT called Hampton.  A town of approx 2000, w/ an old school country general store, a corn stand, a post office, a garage and… that’s it.

Road and Snack 67 Beetle
67 Beetle

It does have, tons of fields, great views (from our hill!) and is only a mile away from Sharpe Hill Vineyards.  if you don’t know what that is… you better Google it now. Top of the line, quintessential New England Winery, award winning whites and reds and a restaurant that is line none other.

But, but back to our little pocket of Eastern CT, at the top of Windy Hill Rd in Hampton stands a farm house, a place I have dubbed The Inn on Windy Hill. It is a large colonial farm house, 6 beds, 3.5 baths, parlor, vintage dinning room w/ exposed beams… the New England farm house to a T.  There are barns, a wood shed a pool house a pond, a frog pond, tons of Adirondack chairs, fields and a garden.  An oasis of sorts, a place to relax, get out of the city, breathe…

Road and Snack - Veggie and Flower Garden
Veggie and Flower Garden
Road and Snack - Frog Pond
Frog Pond
Road and Snack - Seats on the dock
Seats On The Dock


We ate Surf and Turf, we ate farm to table, artisinal breakfast sandwiches, local beers, not so local beers.

Farm To Table! So Fresh!
Surf and Turf
Surf and Turf, Grilled to Order!
Road and Snack - made to order breakfast sandwich
Made to order bfast sandwich

Its easy to understand why a place like this gets you out of the normal city/suburb grind… Open spaces, beautiful sunsets, back roads to whip around on.  It has become a place where we go to think, reflect and rest.

Road and Snack - Sunset
Epic sunset over the Adirondack chairs
Road and Snack - apple trees
The pool through the apple trees

An added bonus, the property includes a 1967 VW Beetle.  It what can only be considered immaculate condition. The Robins Egg blue Beetle fires up at first crank, sounds awesome, rides great and is just a blast.  We took it down the road… at speed… to the local Corn and stand.  It was only a few mile journey in total, but something about the windows open, the twisties, the back roads… its just fun. Truly reflective.

Road and Snack - VW Beetle
Barn find!? VW Beetle!
Road and Snack - Farm Stand
Road Trip To The Local Farm Stand
Road and Snack - Farm Stand, Lone Elm Farm
Lone Elm Farm Stand

A great weekend was had for sure. We ate, we drank, we slept, we swam, we rested, we talked,
we recovered… This place has shaped me, it means more to me than most places and I am excited to share this bit with you guys.

See you on the road or at the diner bar!

Road and Snack


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  1. Eastern Ct . Is sleepy alright and dying on the vine too


    1. Agreed. Especially up in the corner in which we were visiting/ am from. There are still beautiful parts (Sharpe Hill Vineyard is a gem… and a must see for sure!) but all in all, not much happening!


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