Rhode Island: Newport & Lots of Wine

So we took off south this weekend, and took Rhode Island by storm.  The Ocean State lived up to it’s name BIG time, as we expected :). The plan was to squeeze as much as we could into a day starting at Sakonnet Vineyards (I refuse to call it by its new name… ever since Alex + Ani purchased it.. So LAME!) for lunch and some vino, hit Newport, Castle Hill Inn to be exact and end for more drinks and dinner in Warren at Traf Ford and Tav Ino.

IMG_2878What can I say…. we were VERY successful! A great day was had, a great deal of Rose was consumed, and an epic meal of food was consumed late that night.  So sit back and enjoy the pics and some silly commentary from the trip!


We landed at Sakonnet for lunch, and were immediately reminded why we wanted to come back. It had been a few years, we were “regulars” as younger folks and well before the transition of ownership.  As much as the location is now even better as is the food, I must say, the names of the wines are cringe worthy…. Expedite Happiness, Unexpected Miracles… come on!

OK, now that that is out of our system…  We had a blast, we sat under the shade of some huge trees, and sipped our wine, a glass of Rose and Vidal Blanc. And enjoyed our lunch, the pork dumpling special and the buffalo chicken flat bread.

Vidal Blanc
Port Dumpling Special+ Rose
Buffalo Chicken Flatbread
Buffalo Chicken Flatbread

We closed up shop and headed out, down the long windy dirt path, we took a right and headed out of Little Compton RI and headed to Newport.  The drive to the highway is just epic, w/ the ocean on our left the whole way, and Tiverton 4 Corners, a quintessential old school New England downtown to zip through… life was good!

Now personally, I am only a fan of Newport when we can hob nob w/ the rich and famous… I don’t need Thames St, I don’t need touristy stuff… I only want Castle Hill Inn, and that view from the bar.  And we did just that.  A seat at the railing overlooking the bay, the yachts, the families playing on the hill… it’s just perfect. More Rose was enjoyed, this time a french version, with a much drier and crisper taste, which is right up my alley!

Crisp and Dry Rose, w/ a View
It Doesn't Get More Beautiful
It Doesn’t Get More Beautiful

As the day was turning into evening, it was time to make the trek back to Warren where we planned to have a drink at Traf Ford and dinner at Tav Ino.  2 of our favorite spots, tucked along the water in Warren… a somewhat forgotten town between Bristol and Barrington.

I told ya it was a day filled w/ Rose, and our stop at Traf Ford was no exception.   Another crisp and dry French Rose, this time from Provance.

Traf Ford, Rose, on the Water
Traf Ford, Rose, on the Water

A short stop over as our dinner reservations where upon us, luckily Tav Ino is literally next door.
Same view, but a different vibe, Tav Ino has an open kitchen, a handful of tables inside, and a great outside patio.  We were seated inside as the wait for outside was sizable (understandable on a beautiful Saturday summer evening). We know this menu well, so it doesn’t take long to order the massive Caesar Salad for both of us. This thing is a meal, it has to be 4 heads or romaine lettuce, scratch made dressing and shaved Parmesan cheese.

Dinner consisted of a Spicy Little neck pasta dish for Mrs. Road and Snack and a savory sausage and tortellini bake for me.

Sausage + Tortellini Bake
Sausage + Tortellini Bake
Spicy Little Necks
Spicy Little Necks

A fitting end to an awesome day. The food at Tav Ino is always spectacular, I had very little to take home, but the Little necks was enough for 4 people! SO that was clearly lunch the next day.

What a day we had! Everyone was super friendly, the wine was excellent, the food was even better! And the views…. I can’t say enough about them.  We live here for a reason… and the ocean views have to be top 2!!

Until next time.
Eat. Drive. Repeat

Road and Snack

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