Spotted: Cars Of The Day 8/19

Its a basic Wednesday…. Its hot, we have errands to do so we drive around! Not a big day in the food world for us, but some cool cars were encountered.  We found ourselves in Chestnut Hill and Wellesley MA.  Well to do area is an understatement….

You will notice that we sway European, but know that cars a very personal thing… We might love a M3 but totally understand why someone else would prefer a 69 Camero! And that’s what makes cars so much fun!

So, we ran into a Jaguar XK today… convertible, black. Love this. I would take this up the New England Coast in a heart beat.

Jaguar XK

At Whole Foods we day dreamed about some open roads and no speed limits when we ran into this Mercedes AMG…. I would pretty much do anything AMG told me, we might be AMG’s Bi$*& and we are OK with that.  Just love that raw power, and its touch of sophistication.


Sometimes we just want to point the nose in and use the 4 wheel drive of a Subaru WRX STI… and this clean 4 door STI looks like it might be up for the challenge.  A different experience than the above 2, we get that. But for the $$, the STI is a legit vehicle, and that aggressive exhaust note is nothing to mess with.


We might encounter more… but for now, these 3 peaked our interest in a sea of 3 series, SUV’s and Ranges.  (there will be a Range day for sure soon!).

Safe Travels!
Road and Snack

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