#Roadtrip: Edgartown MA


Each summer we and about 1.5m of our closest friends visit Martha’s Vineyard! Albeit really annoying… traffic, parking blah blah blah.  The second we cross into Edgartown, all the worries are gone.  Sure, there is traffic and no parking…. but all of that is worth it as we cruise the classic #NewEngland streets lined w/ gorgeous homes w/ vintage Land Cruisers, BMW’s and Land Rovers parked in the driveways.  The first stop at Behind The Bookstore coffee, and the first walk down to the water to ogle the yachts.

Alter Ego – Out of Dubai

Coffee and a scone at Behind The Bookstore.

Cold Brew + Scone
Cold Brew + Scone

What Makes Edgartown so idyllic and a quintessential New England seaside town…

Jeep in the driveway, water views as a backyard

We have tons more to talk about and show you as our week has just started! Know this, we are huge fans of Edgartown, and spend the majority of our time in town.  As a preppy and somewhat snobby New Englander, its just where we feel comfortable.  We can’t hold a candle to the yacht owners, to seaside homeowners, but boy do we love to try!

More to come!

Road and Snack

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