Vehicles of #Edgartown

So we have eaten our way through Newport, Metro West, Eastern CT, and now Edgartown.  Its been an awesome and glutenous few weeks for sure.  In our travels we have spotted a handful of cool and unique to the area cars.  Lots of European sedans, exotics and SUVs in Newport (and tons of ocean going machines… of course!), some convertibles (given the season!) and just a crazy amount of Range Rovers, BMW’s, Mercs and exotics around Metro West… the money… yikes!

BMW w Surfboard

Now, our most recent #roadtrip took us to Edgartown. Yet again we were in an area w/ $$$ and our expectations of Ranges, Audi’s etc… were certainly met.  But those get OLD real quick.  I mean, we counted 11 Range Rover Sports in the course of 2 hours while having a stroll around town. Boring!

So, I wanted to highlight the cool Island specific vehicles.  I use the term vehicles as there are few non “auto” specific ones included, We just love the Bikes available at the Kelley House, and the yachts… incredible! So checkout some of our favorites below.  In short, Jeeps and Land Rovers dominated, but our absolute favorite of the week is the old 3 series bimmer w/ the surfboard.  How epic is that?!

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Ok, we threw in a Tesla…. That color scheme is what won me over. I dig the gray wheels on the white body.  Such a dope car!

Until next time. Drive safely!
Road and Snack

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