Its More Than Just a Coffee Spot – Behind the Bookstore, Edgartown

Like the title says, its way more than just a coffee spot.  For anyone who isn’t driven by caffeine, especially that derived from coffee, I don’t know how you live/function/survive! So, clearly, coffee is an important aspect of my daily life.

Cold Brew + Scone
Cold Brew + Scone

All Road trips start with a coffee stop, and upon our arrival we begin to stake out the next coffee spot.  Most likely it will be that next morning, but sometimes its a multiple coffee stop day.  This past week or so, we parked it in, and lived in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard.  The historic and classic New England town filled w/ preppy fashion, big money, and air of snobbery that we like 😉 also contains a handful of coffee shops/bakery options.


When in full “Edgartown” mode, I admittedly want to be “seen” and the majority of the people there do as well.  So where do you go for coffee… No where else by Behind the Bookstore. Tucked, literally behind a bookstore, this spot is a must.  This place has a director of coffee… need we say more? Mikhail Sebastian leads the search, and does a damn good job of sourcing the beans used.  Lead Barista Dylan Thome does the rest.   The art and love put into each latte, hot, iced, espresso, drip, cappuccino etc… is felt and at least for us, is appreciated.

download (1)

We enjoy sitting under the canopies, letting the caffeine settle in, enjoy a scone, or a muffin.  If its lunch time, enjoy a burger or an artisanal summer themed sandwich prepared by head chef Meave McAullife.  Oh, did we mention you can get a cocktail? Yup.  Just not before noon… I mean you are on vacation, but you’re not a hillbilly right?

Behind the bookstore burger

So make sure you start your day, or afternoon at Behind the Bookstore for the coffee, the pastries and food, the crowd and of course the feeling of snobbery (in a good way!).


Road and Snack

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