Beers and Pretzels – Harpoon Brewery

I am gonna say it…. I don’t like beer, its just the way it is. Wine? Yes! Gin? Yes! Manhattan? Hell yes! Beer? not so much. Its just not my thing. I have very good friends who are IPA snobs, Heady Topper or die type dudes.

I still went to the Harpoon Brewery this weekend (cause my wife is awesome, and I was happy to accompany her!) and was blown away.  Not so much by the beer, but by the pretzels! Holy hell, my lunch on Saturday was a soft pretzel.  Read on, you will understand why.

Harpoon Taps

A step back quickly.  Harpoon to me was (based on previous young person experiences) a parking lot w/ drunk bros and a bunch of port-a-potties. Fast forward to this weekend… and damn did they do a great job w/ their new tasting room. This is a legit place where people over the age of 24 can go and sample beers, sit down, talk, have fun. Not get shitty is a parking lot w/ plastic cups and see how can pop the most collars.


But really this post is about the food.  Just look at the pictures. These beasts are handmade daily, and come w/ your choice of dipping awesomeness. (IPA Cheese, Mustard, Bacon/Ranch, Marinara (worth the $.50), Garlic Butter, Red Pepper Aioli.) We got 2 original and 1 Parmesan (which comes w/ marinara sauce).  Full disclousure, 1 is enough even for a big dude like me, and the parmasean was almost too much cheese for me.  But I managed 😉


So bottom line, we are now huge fans and will return.  We recommend these pretzels over and over again, and since you are there, might as well try that beer thing they are known for also 😉

Safe Travels!

Road and Snack

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