Going Going Back Back to The Hamptons!

Each year we take a long October weekend and head south, across New London sound to the farthest most eastern point of Long Island.  We then travel through vineyards, past historic diners and farm stands and into the land of the 1%, the rich and famous, The Hampton’s.

For years now we have stayed at A Butlers Manor in Southampton and there are not enough nice things to say about this B+B. Seriously, the food: Amazing (many many pictures upcoming!), the rooms: Great, the owners: 2 of our favorite people, Chris and Kim.  The coolest part? Chris is an actual British butler, cutting his “buttlering” teeth for years in The Hamptons, and finally opening his own B+B w/ wife Kim.

A glass of wine, a fire.. not a bad way to spend a cool Fall evening.

You don’t become the #1 B+B across all of The Hampton’s (TripAdvisor) by mistake! So our accommodations are figured out, no worries there.  Now lets figure out where to eat, drink and drive, after all, these are our favorite things to do!

Amazing Food. Its unmatched!
Amazing Food. Its unmatched!

We have our must hit, The East Hampton Grill, And that won’t change.  Well unless they stop serving that French Dip sandwich that is.  Picture coming post trip, but I can not have that sandwich anywhere, ever, never, not a chance now.  Its just that good.

East Hampton Grill Inside East Hampton Grill Outside

So I need your help now.  We are there for 3 days, and need places to eat.  We have done Nick & Toni’s a handful of times, and would again if pushed ;).  But seriously, my fellow foodies and car guys & gals, Road and Snack are looking for your help!

Where do we drive, what do we see (other than the obligatory drive down Meadow Lane).

Bonus! We have partnered with local to us here in Boston and serving all of New England, Travart Rental to help us travel in style and luxury.  Expect many a post and shout out to our good friends at Travart.  What will you see us in?! Stay tuned!

Panamera Turbo – Look at those wheels!
Or Maybe a Range?
Or Maybe a Range?

This is shaping up to be our most epic trip yet! Now help us find some cool things to do.

Safe Travels.
Road and Snack

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