Fall in New England: Apple Cider Donuts!

Tis the season here in New England for a few of our favorite things. 1. Road trips to Western MA, Vermont, NH and Eastern CT and 2. Apple Cider donuts!

As a New Englander, Fall is just so damn pretty, its personally our favorite season, hands down! The cool temps allow for proper layering of sweaters and light jackets, cool mornings, hot coffees and again, Apple Cider donuts.   Below we highlight a few of our favs, as compiled by others out there in the world who share the same love as we do. Plus a couple of our absolute local to us must haves!

Happy Fall Everyone!

Volante Farms, Needham MA

Volante Apple Cider Donuts2

Volante Apple Cider Donuts
I see you Apple Cider Donuts!!

Wilson Farm: Lexington MA

Wilson Farm! Photo credit: The Buggy Blog
Wilson Farm! Photo credit: The Buggy Blog
Yum! Photo Cred: Elizabeth Eats
Yum! Photo Cred: Elizabeth Eats

Atkins Farm: South Amherst MA

Atkins Family Farm

Cold Hollow Cider Mill: Waterbury Center, VT

Apple Cider Donuts Cold Cider Mill

Westward Orchards: Harvard MA



Rogers Orchards: Southington CT

Rogers Orchards Apple Cider Donutes Apple Cider Donuts Rogers Orchards

To be honest, you can’t go wrong a w/ any of these! So get out there and find your local orchard, and get some apple cider donuts in your life.  To make it a perfect Road and Snack trip…. make sure its a long and run road trip to said orchard!

Safe Travels!
Road and Snack


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