Visited: Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Westwood

This past Sunday we hit a new pizza joint here in the Metro West Boston area.  Over the past year or so? A massive development project has been underway near a major commuter rail stop called University Station. I honestly don’t know what it was like before, but it was probably a dump…

Anyhow, they have pumped a ton of money and time into this and have churned out a massive shopping plaza w/ a Target, Nordstrom Rack, Marshall’s, Wegman’s etc…

Along w/ the shopping, comes a bunch of restaurants. Think: Panera, Some fish joint a burger place Starbucks (of course!) But, for two reasons, the only one intriguing to us was Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. 1: Out of pure random happenstance we met the owner at Gramercy Tavern in NYC last Christmas. And she was awesome! 2: Its Pizza!

Pizza Hero Image
800 Degree Coal Oven is NO Joke! Look at That Steam!

So we were shopping on Sunday, so why not give it a whirl, I am mean we had no idea what to expect, its a pizza place right? Well, that’s not true we did know the zzza is cooked in an 800 degree coal oven. That’s cool!

It turns out Anthony’s has a pubish vibe, tons of Boston Sports stuffs on the walls, 12? maybe more TV’s on the wall all w/ a football game on (this would be great for Pats watching… Football and Pizza. yup!), a full bar w/ bar seats outside as well as a patio. Not what we expected, but thumps up!!

Outside Bar w/ Windows Open
Outside Bar w/ Windows Open

Now, the pizza: Big win right off that bat, they call out the fact that pizzas are well done. We dig that.  Menu is small, a few specialty pizzas, some salads, sangies etc… and of course a pick your poison style make your pizza section. I would consider this a $$$ pizza joint, its no local $7 cheese deal. We went classic cheese w/ half pepperoni. Gotta walk before you run w/ a new place, you know?

Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza Westwood

Conclusion: Pizza is really good, great crust, if you dig the burnt edge style goodness – which we do.  Our only gripe is w/ the open to air bar, there were a bunch of flies…. Nothing that will stop us from coming back, but wasn’t my favorite.

Well Done: Crispy Cheese and Crust!
Well Done: Crispy Cheese and Crust!

We are glad Anthony’s has added its 800 degree pizza to the local offering.  Considering we do most of our shopping near it… we might become regulars.


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