The Cottage – Wellesley

Our love of the burbs, especially Metro West continues! Saturday we dined at The Cottage in Wellesley.  A place we have been before, and a spot we consider for date nights on the regular!

A high end feel yet a very comfy place – its a great combo, and a place you can bring kids, assuming you choose the appropriate hour of the day! We arrived at 5 with the little dude in tow, and joined a bunch of other families out on a chilly New England Saturday evening.

The Hustle and Bustle
The Hustle and Bustle

Each time we have been seated in a booth, which is my preferred seating and Saturday was no different.  A full bar, local beers and a nice wine list was our first priority…. A Napa Cab for me, and local IPA for the Mrs were ordered and enjoyed throughout the meal.

Now, depending upon the night, company, mood etc… The Cottage allows for a wide range of meal styles, think soup/salad, burgers to fish and steaks, w/ some other eclectic goodies sprinkled in between.  Case in point, falafel tacos were ordered… more to come on that soon.

To start, I went w/ a bowl of the Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Something warm and soothing on a cold Fall day. Perfect. A touch salty, but the crunch of the chips, and the melty cheese… We were huge fans!

Chicken Tortilla Soup
Chicken Tortilla Soup

Dinner consisted of, as mentioned earlier, an eclectic cultural mashup. I ordered a burger. Classic America baby! Mrs Road and Snack, the Falafel Tacos.   While the burger was great, cooked to a medium well as requested… the food envy I had for the Falafel Taco’s was like nothing I have experienced before. Of course I had a taco, and it was awesome. I am ordering that next time for sure!

Good Old Cheeseburger, it really was good!
Good Old Cheeseburger, it really was good!

The meal of the night! The Falafel Tacos

Falafel Tacos
Falafel Tacos

The falafel was spicy, but not too spicy, which is how I like it. There is something inherently healthy about eating vegetarian, and when you can work in lightly fried falafel, we are in! I am still envious!

See you next time The Cottage!


Road and Snack

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