Kane’s Donuts: Nuff Said!

Today we had the pleasure of digging into 2 dozen Kanes Donuts…. I personally didn’t eat 24, I am unsure if I would be breathing! However, I did what any sensible foodie would do, and I cut a piece off of everyone.  Can you say taste test?

Kane’s Donuts is a staple on the North Shore here in Massachusetts, as they have been making us all a little fatter, and a whole bunch happier since 1955!  And now, have a shop in Downtown Boston called Kane’s Handcrafted.

Kanes Donuts ALL

A Kane’s Donut is a treat to say the least – not sure how you pick which one, but today was a special day. A sample of each lead to a very full stomach, a massive sugar comma and a tiny bit of regret, but all w/ a huge smile on our face!

Long story short, it was an epic taste test, but I am a sucker for a classic chocolate glazed, and was not dissapointed in the least. However, the maple bacon followed closely behind… and fought hard, but our love of a chocolate glazed won.  Honorable mention to the red velvet w/ coconut, and anything w/ sprinkles!

Kanes Donuts Bacon

It’s clear to see they were a crowd favorite, as the remnants of 24 donuts was chewed down to:

Kanes Donuts Empty

Thank you Kane’s for doing what you do, for doing it so well, and for doing it so long! The North Shore of Boston wouldn’t be the same w/out you! See you again soon. Keep a special Chocolate Glazed set aside for us 😉

Safe Travels and Enjoy!

Road and Snack

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