Cars of The Hamptons

An idyllic long weekend was just had in The Hamptons. If you are followers of Road and Snack on Instagram or Twitter, you were there with us ;). We drove, we saw beaches, mansions on mansions, we ate, we drank… and we ogled cars.

Now, its the off season in The Hamptons, so there isn’t a Ferrari or Aston on every street corner.  However, there was pretty eclectic collection of “weekend” cars.  We tried to grab a shot of our favorites, and they are below.  We were even tired of seeing Range’s and big Mercedes SUVs… so don’t expect anything like that here.  Enjoy!

There is always a Ferrari around!
There is always a Ferrari around!

What? You didn’t think there would be any spotted? Come on, its the off season, but its still The Hamptons! Of the prancing horses we saw, this F12 coupe was by far our favorite of the weekend. It sounds great… and the owner let us all know about it (typical!)

The Hamptons BMW
A matte grey M4. The paint job is what intrigued us!

An M4 isn’t that exciting while surrounded by Jags, 911’s, Aston’s etc… However, this one had a matte grey paint job (or vinyl wrap). It was unique, which set it apart from the rest of the S4’s, M’s and the like.

The Young and The Old Porche
The Young and The Old Porsche

We have an entire section of “Car Lovers Heart” reserved for an early 2000’s 911 – a project car we need! But the young and old were on display this past weekend.  Something about that vintage era orange Porsche, it would offer up a visceral driving experience, and we dig that!

The Hamptons Jeep
Off road ready for sure!

We spotted this hooked up Jeep at Wolffer Estate vineyards.  She is clearly ready for any and all off road adventures, fully equipt with a custom mounted snorkel intake, and jack stand/mount to get out of any sticky situations! My guess is she was off to one of the pristine beaches for a fishing adventure.

Bedell Cellars: Vintage Pickup
Bedell Cellars: Vintage Pickup

This was just such a cool picture. Bedell Cellars was our first stop (more to come this week!) and this pristine vintage pickup on whitewalls was waiting for us!

Jag and Pumpkin Lattes
Jag and Pumpkin Lattes

I was quite proud of this pic 😉 Delicious Tates Bake Shop pumpkin lattes and a Jag captured all in one. The best part? when the Jag fired up, and the exhaust came to life as it idled for a bit.

A quick look at some of our favorites! In typical Hamptons style, the exotics were on display, and we loved every rev and minute of it!

Road and Snack

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