The Hamptons: Day 1

Has it already been a week since we went to The Hamptons?! How does that happen? Well, we can report it was a blast! Food, Wine, HUGE homes, beaches and cars.

Perhaps you followed us via Instagram as we toured vineyards, ate a historic diner and the it place for dinner.  Even if you did, checkout below for a full run down of Day 1, way more pics and some whitty commentary 🙂

As we have done for the past 4 years, our first stop is in Cutchogue, a quaint historic town on the North Fork.  Our main purpose for the stop is the Cutchogue Diner.  We have gone now for the 4th time, had the same waitress (who has been there her entire life I imagine, which makes it even more of a diner experience!) and have sat in the same seat 3 of the 4 times.

This trip was no different.

Cutchogue Diner The Hamptons 3
Love the old school menus!
Cutchoge Diner The Hamptons
Diner grilled cheese w/ tomato
Cutchogue Diner The Hamptons 2
Reuben – my go to order! It didn’t disappoint!

After lunch it was time for a drink/tasting and conveniently Bedell Cellars is just down the road in Cutchogue.  Bedell is a vineyard we had our eyes on since last year as we couldn’t make it happen. A must visit for sure this time.  Upon arrival, it was clear this was a good decision… Bedell is a beautiful spot for sure, and the inside of the main tasting room was no different.

Great tasting room, even better wine
Great tasting room, even better wine

A tasting was had, and the gentleman behind the bar was a delight, and since it was early Friday, a few extra pours were enjoyed – bonus! The whites were crisp and cool, and the reds warming yet not too heavy.  As a white wine drinker I personally lean Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.  I can report that both were some of the best I have had. So much so, that I grabbed a glass of the Sauvignon and we headed to the deck to look out over the grapes and enjoy the most idyllic fall day we could have ever imagined.

A glass of white and rose and a beautiful view
A glass of white and rose and a beautiful view

I can’t not mention that Bedell has a crisp and smooth Rose, both sparkling and flat. Rose is on trend for sure, and Bedell’s is top notch.

It wasn’t easy to leave that view, as I was OK having a few more glasses…. but a drive was ahead of us.  As the crow flies, Southampton isn’t far… but driving, its a decent haul, and too much wine wouldn’t help.

We mounted up and headed to our home away from home, A Butlers Manor. Upon arriving in Southampton, (man it was good to be back!!) we were greeted by Chris, the British born butler and owner of A Butlers Manor, and we picked up our friendly relationship just like it was yesterday!

Fire burning, wine at the ready, a perfect place to stay

After some relaxing and unpacking, it was time for dinner.  Friday in Southampton is quiet (in the fall!), the locals are around sure, but the Manhattanites have yet to leave the city, or are stuck on the Long Island Expressway.  Meaning, downtown Southampton was empty, the Christmas lights were on some trees lining the streets, a Range, a few Porsche’s and such were parked… It was really nice.  It kind of felt like ours for a bit.

Dinner was at 75 Main, the place to people watch, perhaps see a famous face, maybe not on a Friday, but we had heard good things. Behind the publicity of being the “it” place to eat/be seen… the Italian food at 75 Main was incredible.  Its Fall, so the evenings are cool, and our bellies were craving pasta, and they were not disappointed!

75 Main Pasta
TAGLIATELLE w/ roasted wild mushrooms, pancetta, onions, peas, touch of cream

A filling plate of Tagliatelle was my choice, and it was the right one. Savory, and not too “saucy!”

RICOTTA PILLOWS, porcini cream, black truffles, Telaggio cheese
RICOTTA PILLOWS, porcini cream, black truffles, Telaggio cheese

The Ricotta pillows, albeit very good, a bit of food envy might have been had by Mrs. Road and Snack ;).

As mentioned, it was a quiet night in town, and 75 Main was no outlier, which was fine by us. A nice calm evening was much needed. Compliments to the chef.

As we closed up shop, our freedom for 3 whole days pushed us to a night cap, and a visit to Le Charlot. We sat at the bar, and ordered a Manhattan. Probably a weird drink from a French place you ask? Well, the bar tender sent us this:

Le Charlot The Hamptons
Le Charlot: A french Manhattan, a twist of orange, was a great citrus twist

His take on the Manhattan was simple, bitters, bourbon and twist of citrus vs. the cherry. It was a “when in Rome moment” for sure, but he nailed it. The citrus added a bit of re-freshness vs. the bite of the bourbon… I was impressed/pleased with the entire experience.

Needless to say, it was a great first day in The Hamptons.  A day full of local food and beverage, incredible views, real estate and cars – it’s kind of my favorite place!

Check back soon for Day 2 and 3 deets!

Road and Snack

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  1. Looks gorgeous! Enjoy, and great pics!


    1. Thanks so much!!! We had a blast for sure. It was a perfect day 🙂

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