The Hamptons: Day 2, Food, lots of food!

We are back for Day 2 of our trip to The Hampton’s! Day 1 was filled w/ wine, North Fork eating, drinking and a low key dinner in downtown Southampton.

Day 2 was more shopping, real estate, sightseeing and eating based.  A great day for sure that started in Southampton w/ breakfast at our B+B, A Butlers Manor followed quickly by a stop at Tate’s Bakeshop…. and we were off and running after that pumpkin latte caffeine boost!

A butlers manor southampton table
A table set for a king!
Banana stuffed french toast + sausage

Breakfast is always a special occasion at A Butler’s Manor. Sitting with fellow inn goers, sipping coffee, enjoying the beautiful table and fresh juices… its the best! And the food is spectacular. Today it was banana filled french toast and sausage, a nice sweet and savory start to the day!

It was off to Tate’s Bakeshop, a spot we hit everyday we are even remotely close to it… as you may know, Tate’s makes some of the best cookies (in my honest opinion) ever. We are huge fans of the crunchy (not warm and chewy) cookie… and Tate’s is just 100%!

Tates Bakeshop Southampton Cookies
If it wasn’t 8:45am… it would be cookie time!

Of course we had pumpkin lattes! When in Rome right?

Tates Bake Shop Pumpkin Latte Jaguar
Pumpkin lattes X Jaguar

With that, we were back to the family Passat, and it was time to cruise some of the famous roads, look at some HUGE historic, new, old, ugly, kinda ugly? and gorgeous homes.

To be honest, one of my favorite things is the way the Beech trees are groomed to create canopies over some of the streets. Its a simple yet unique feature that I look forward to each year.  I can see us in a convertible 911 now in a low gear, exhaust burbling, out cruising…

Southampton Beech Trees
Love the beech tree canopy!

After shopping, tire kicking, looking in some real estate office windows, trying on vintage Chanel etc… it was time to eat, again! We were dining hard in East Hampton that night, so it was an easy and comfy choice to hit The Southampton Publick House

Known for their beer and pub fare, we grabbed 2 wingback chairs and relaxed.

Southampton Publick House
Southampton Publick House Busy
A cool view of the brewery!

It was time to leave Southampton for the day and make our way to East Hampton, where more shopping, drinking and eating would commence! We took our sweet time getting there as there were 6+ hours to kill, and I am not sure my body can handle 6 extra hours of wine!

East Hampton is an interesting place, we consider Southampton a very comfortable and historic place to visit. Us New Englanders, we fit in there. In East Hampton, there is just that extra level of snobbery, “need to be seen” look at me feel, which deep down, I am perfectly OK with.  But its just the vibe I get, but it is just the perfect place to have a super car, next year maybe!

We played around, found famous peoples “weekend” homes, like Martha Stewart, Rene Z, Ina Garten’s home, Billy Joel’s (full disclosure, we found the street… and us “peasants” weren’t allowed down, understandably!

1770 House East Hampton

Finally, it was time to settle in for a pre-sunset/pre-dinner drink.  A unique spot, one we had not been too was ideal, and was found at The 1770 House. Historic doesn’t even begin to explain/describe this gem.  The bar was closed as dinner wasn’t starting for about 45 mins… no worries, the gentleman allowed us to sit in the formal waiting area, where he started the massive gas fire place and we ordered a glass of red and a some bubbles.

The 1770 House East Hampton
Quaint, classic and beautiful. The 1770 House

If only these walls could talk I kept thinking to myself. We sat there silently enjoying the roar of the fire, the hustle and bustle of the workers preparing table settings for the pending dinner seating… and wondered what said walls could tell us.  1770, that’s a lot of time, a lot of guests, a lot of stories.  Super interesting, warm, cozy and historic are the most descriptive terms that come to mind!

But, It was time to eat, and eat we did!

East Hampton Grill
Our favorite, the East Hampton Grill. Photo: Hamptons Magazine

The East Hampton Grill is a spot we “frequent” when in The Hamptons, for a drink, or for the last 2 times, drinks and dinner. Its a place we consider incredibly comfortable, perfectly lit, great food, killer ambiance, bartenders who know what a Vesper and a Gibson are… a sticking point for us classic cocktail drinkers.  No a Gibson is w/ onions we constantly have to tell bartenders. Not these!

Anyhow, On a Saturday night in East Hampton, its busy, to say the least. The bar at the East Hampton Grill was packed, there was a wait at the door, but we breezed in early, grabbed 2 cocktails, yes a Vesper and a Gibson, and we chilled in the corner by the huge windows overlooking the main street enjoying our vintage cocktails and watching the people and the Michigan/Michigan State football game (what an ending huh!?)

Cute Bar maids at East Hampton Grill, East Hampton, NY (Hamptons)
Drinks in the making: Photo: Eric Striffler Photography

It was time to sit, and we hunkered into our seat on the second level, overlooking the bar scene and kinda near the massive fire place.  Before our server could tell us the specials I ordered 6 homemade biscuits and honey (probably only need 4… but damn these are good!)

Homemade biscuits + honey. Incredible.
Homemade biscuits + honey. Incredible.

As mentioned, we probably didn’t need 6, cause we had food and dessert to eat! But we powered on 😉 and sipped our cocktails and enjoyed the hustle and bustle, and the conversation! Dinner consisted of the french dip for me and the cheeseburger for the Mrs. Full disclosure, this is exactly what I ordered last time, and this year it didn’t disappoint.  Its fair to say I can only have 1 french dip and year, because it has to be this one at the East Hampton Grill.

East Hampton Grill French Dip
French dip w/ shoe string fries, and that dipping sauce… !!

Apologies for the terrible pic… I was more focused on eating then the lighting (clearly.) But I can attest, it was amazing.

Artisan cheeseburger... yes please!
Artisan cheeseburger… yes please!

The Cheeseburger was epic and was not what we expected. basically, its an artisanal Big Mac for adults.  It was incredible, as I was able to steal a bite or 2 🙂

Finally, not that we had room, but sine it was still on the menu we had to have the ice cream sundae w/ a gravy boat of chocolate syrup.  Seriously, a gravy boat. This thing is no joke.

East Hampton Grill Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae
The perfect punctuation on a perfect day in East Hampton

Now that is the way you finish off an incredible day in East Hampton. We basically said to our selves that we will be back again next year, and will yet again order the exact same thing. And that’s OK!

Thank you East Hampton Grill, and East Hampton…. Until next year!


Road and Snack

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