Today’s Dream Car: Jaguar F Type R

Every once in awhile we find ourselves day dreaming about what car we want next, even if its just for a day to drive.  You have seen our search for a used M3, something for the weekend…. our love of the Audi RS4, blacked out, that was available for sale at Cats Exotics…

Our current obsession might be blamed a bit on the influx of James Bond commercials, and our ever present love of anything British.  I have seen a handful of the new Jaguar F Types around the area, each one looking a bit more bad ass then the next.  I attribute this to my ever growing love of this car.

Jag F Type R

The way it sounds, looks, how it is to drive (I can only imagine that its epic!) Jag’s heritage, it all just makes me want to get some driving gloves, open the windows and just go…. Who cares where, just go. Drive… I want to drive it, I want to drive the Jaguar F Type R. Now.

Just listen to this:

Please note, I would be less of a db than that dude…. I just want to experience the raw power, and that sound on the back roads around here, head up to VT or NH for a bit.

Day dream done.

Road and Snack

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