Visited: Bluewater Bar + Grill, Barrington RI

This past weekend we headed south to Barrington RI for an ocean side dinner w/ family.  As sea side dinning goes, its better to visit in the summer when 1. you can sit outside and 2. you can see the water…

Bluewater Bar + Grill

Needless to say, we were not deterred as Bluewater Bar + Grill is a place we have wanted to try for quite sometime.  Formerly the Tyler Point Grill, Bluewater is tucked against/inside a marina on the way out of town toward Warren RI.  Newly renovated and re-branded, we knew we were in for a good evening when a full stocked bar was sited as we walked in, and the open kitchen was bustling w/ activity!

Bluewater Bar and Grill Manhattan
From The Bar: Makers Mark Manhattan

Bluewater caters to family’s, which is great as the littlest Road and Snacker was joining us,  so we were not going to cause a ruckus.  Don’t get us wrong, after “family” hour, Bluewater Bar + Grill is a fine place to be for date nights, live music, a cocktails and awesome food!

We started w/ sweet potato fritters, and were impressed to say the least – the deep fried corn, black beans, cumin & of course sweet potatoes patties w/ a coconut curry sauce… We crispy, flavorful yet not overly filling. Something I would re order every time!

Bluewater Bar and Grill Sweet Potato Fritters
Sweet Potato Fritters

Dinner consisted for the lasagna (which is what we ordered every-time previously when it was Tyler Point) and heard via some feedback, that the lasagna remained as awesome if not better than last time.  So, the decision was easy. And I am happy to say Blue Water Bar + Grill’s lasagna was an improved version.  Using veal vs. beef, and the addition of spinach set our meal apart from previous visits.

Blue Water Bar and Grill Lasagna
Lasagna in a Vodka Sauce

A great meal was had, the company was excellent, the drink(s) were tasty and the updated styling by Blue Water Bar + Grill were tastefully done. All in all, a great local grill for those that live close enough to call it this, or a nice destination for those who want a bit of ocean, boats and great food!

Cheers all and drive safe!

Road and Snack



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