A Windy Hill Inn Thanksgiving

Its hard to believe it’s December 1st… but Thanksgiving is now behind us, and the holiday shopping rush is upon us… so I guess it’s really true!

We want to take a step back, a step back to a simpler time, one where the days moved slower, electronics were unnecessary, and exposed beams where the norm.  This past week we returned to Northeastern Connecticut to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday w/ family and friends.

The Windy Hill Inn in Hampton CT is a truly a place where you can unplug, take a step back, relax, and contemplate – what was. The exposed beams, the 1700’s fire places, the creaky wooden stairs all have stories to tell, and I swear, if you stare long enough at a crackling fire, they do.

The table: Ready for dining and Thanks
The table: Ready for dining and Thanks

Thanksgiving, in the traditional New England sense is a gathering to share our thanks for another year, we have survived, we have grown and matured.  We celebrate in an 1800’s dinning room w/ a cast iron chandelier under candlelight and a mantel piece decorated to the nines.

Era specific mantle piece decorated for the season
Era specific mantel piece decorated for the season

A traditional Thanksgiving is nothing w/out the Turkey and there is something about a perfectly cooked, crispy skinned stuffed to the gills turkey that just makes us feel at home!

The Bird

As we sat down at the table, the candles lit, the wine poured, our son strapped into his high chair milk in hand – what a perfect time to reflect, to think deep about how lucky we are, how thankful we are for not just this meal, but all of our meals, all of our friends, our family our lives. I would hope you and I do this more than just once a year. But being back in the room where 100’s of Thanksgiving’s have been held, each one different than the previous really puts it all into perspective.  This place has been through generations of families, each one thankful for the same things we are, and more.

We hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving this past week, and a Happy Holiday season!

Road and Snack


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