A Quick Trip to NYC

The Holiday season has come and gone… not sure how exactly?! But for as much as we LOVE the Christmas and New Year holiday, its a bit stressful – to say the least!

So, for us, a road trip is a very peaceful and a relaxing activity, we plan a bit, but really, just pick a destination and go. Recently, to get out of the house/area a visit to NYC was had.  We know the city pretty well (for a tourist!) and know where we like to eat, like the Park Avenue Tavern for brunch, and basically anywhere down in SOHO… more to come on both of these.

Whenever we point it south to NYC, we use Darien CT as our hub. We park the car in the FREE weekend parking lot, and we always end the trip with lunch (full feature coming soon), some shopping, and HUGE house creeping.

This trip, we did exactly that, we parked, we grabbed the train to Grand Central, and by noon30 we were at The Park Avenue Tavern, posted up at the bar, bloody Mary in hand. Pretty much, the happiest I could be!

Park Ave Tav
The Bar – Photo from: The Park Avenue Tavern

For Brunch, I order the same thing every time – Eggs, Bacon and Potatoes – and each time its epic. The thickness of the bacon makes this simple dish, outstanding not to mention a nod to the home fries, damn!

The Bacon… it makes this dish!

My better half was a bit more adventurous, mostly w/ her drink but also her food. A champagne/vodka cocktail kicked off the day! Power Move! For brunch, a croissant sandwich w/ the same bacon… I can’t stop talking about the bacon.

A champagne and vodka cocktail X A breakfast sandwich for the ages!

Wishing the perfectly achieved buzz would remain forever, and very full, we shoved off to see a friend, shop, walk, be together, be silent, chat, just be in NYC.  A favorite activity of ours.

It wasn’t long until a coffee was needed – and since we had just shopped at J.Crew, watched the skaters at Rock center, and dodged crowds… we figured a Bouchon latte was needed.  A good decision.

Iced Latte, check!
Iced Latte, check!

Now well caffeinated – We fast forward – a train ride to the Wall Street area, a quick drop off our luggage, and a short cab ride back up to Bleeker St. in SOHO leads us to our dinner stop. As mentioned above SOHO is our hood, the drinks, the vibe, the fashion and the food.  On a recommendation, The Dutch was our dinner stop this trip – and what a recommendation it was.

The vibe, the smells, the bartenders, the drinks… it was all very SOHO, a bit trendy, a bit laid back, just the right amount of vintage/classic – just how we like it.  Also, The Dutch is HUGE.  As NYC establishments go, this place is massive, which leads to sections, the bar, a dinning room, another dinning room, and after a walk to the back through a dark hallway, yet another (and our) dinning room for the evening.

The Dutch. Photo: The Dutch
The Dutch. Photo: The Dutch

Apologies in advance for the dark photos, but without being that dude blasting a dark and busy restaurant w/ the flash of our phones… ya know? Like I said, the vibe was killer, dark, big leather booths, a huge re-purposed wood table, a whiskey based cocktail, and for me, Wild Boar for dinner! I always say, if you want to try something “weird” do it at a legit place, a place that knows what its doing. A decision I still applaud myself for making.

The Dutch Wild Boar2
Wild Boar

The Wild Boar was rich and tender, w/ complex levels of flavors, perhaps a bit salty for me, but nothing was going to stop me.  A definite recommendation for any one looking for a hearty, cold weather dish!

A barbecue half chicken was had by Mrs. Road and Snack. While BBQ chicken on paper is pretty simple, a restaurant worth anything will take something like this, and transform it.  And that The Dutch did. Juicy, well glazed, and paired nicely w/ bourbon baked beans… A true artisinal take on BBQ chicken. Plus adding in some french fries was just the icing on the cake. So much so, there was no room for desert ;).

The Dutch, Wild Boar
BBQ Chicken

I told ya it was a quick trip! Just a snapshot of time was needed to relax and decompress.  NYC to us is a fun, lively, yet relaxing place to visit.  Oh, and the next day we hit our favorite pub in Darien called The Goose.  more to come on that later!

Happy New Year All!

Road and Snack

*Featured Image: The Dutch*

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