Fashion: Rufus & Royce Shorts

Ok, sure its Winter, people are getting slammed w/ snow and cold, the grass is brown, we get it. But what better time to dream about spring/summer than now right?

With that, the boys at Rufus & Royce have some shorts that just scream the American Dream, the 4th of July Cookout, the weekend sail around Nantucket.  Any Gent would be pumped to slip on these preppy shorts, chat it up w/ the pretty lady next to him, cheers his bro’s w/ Moscow Mules while watching the tide come in, toss a football around, untangle his croackies from his Harding Lane needlepoint cap…. I can see it now!

Democrat – Politics can be stylish!

But seriously, we can see ourselves prepping the shit out of a country club dinner or 2 in these as well – say paired w/ a solid blue blazer (see featured image), some driving mocs and a gin and tonic. Um, can it be summer now!?


More to come from these dudes for sure, I know we are amped for warmer weather, parties, beach days, summer cocktails and the American dream!

Cheers Gents!

Life As A Gent

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