Cars: Joey Tribbiani is joining Top Gear

Wow, this is interesting – not sure its going to save the ever popular UK based car/motor head/gear head/most dude show of all time Top Gear. But we are routing for him/it!

Top Gear

We all know the epic fall from “can do no wrong” mountain Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson experienced, which began the unraveling of my favorite TV show. Clarkson pushed that boundary and pushed it hard. (I am very excited for the 3 dudes to do this all again on Amazon, with a larger budget… so even more cool car shit?)

But back to Joey – or whatever his real name. (Matt Leblanc is from the town next to me, so I am really a huge fan!) But come on, Matt is Joey Tribbiani, the funny, horny, kinda dumb, yet handsome bro from Friends. 

I wish him all the best – I still love cars, and still watch TopGear.  But the shenanigans, the chatter, the British accents, the British terminology (most of which I don’t get, but LOL every-time) and the comradery of the original 3 is what is REALLY missing.

Go get em Joey, we will be tuning in for sure, hope you keep the show alive and well.
While we wait for him to join the show in May, watch him drive a Mclaren 12c  – he will do just fine!

Life As A Gent




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