Fashion: Socks, w/ Guns? Yup!

Socks are a thing, we know this, we know this very well! From boring solid blues, to polka dots, to stripes, to bulls, to skulls and cross bones to taco’s.  We get it, we are in w/ the “sockgame” movement.  I mean, A Man Among Socks is a sister brand -so this is an easy one!

So, whats the point of this? Well, its to show you the newest brand and style our guys at AMAS have sourced. Can socks be badass!? I think the below proves yes.

Scndl Socks Homepage
SCNDL Socks: AK socks, sock power move.

When your ankle sweaters have AK’s and yet some how appear dressy/stylish – we want to scream it from the mountain top. We want all gents who are looking to add a little bit of edge to their daily wear to see these.  Sure, don’t wear them to a job interview, funeral, dinner w/ Mom etc… But when crushing sales phone calls, trading stocks on Wall Street, kicking it w/ your boys at a bar… Let the AK’s rip. Yes you can dress well while bucking the style “norm.” Fuck it!


So hit up AMAS to add these and more to your sock collection and let the world know you own this shit.

Get it.

Life As A Gent

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