Music: Song of the Day

The snow is falling here, the roads are shit, I have to shovel the driveway… but the WIFI is ripping so we are good to go! What does that mean? It means the music is cranking while we do what we do best…

Today we need something warming, something to counteract the winter wonderland that is quickly growing outside our windows. Plus, we are headed to Florida this weekend for a week of sun, relaxation, G+T’s and some Palm Beach shopping (basically a Gent’s heaven!)

So, we are taking you back a few years to an ultimate favorite, a hidden gem, a Shingo Nakamura classic w/ a bit of a remix from Terry Da Libra. We close our eyes and let Thousands of Sounds take us to back to when we were younger, to the beach, its calming and uplifting… all of this is better than shoveling snow…

Happy Friday Gents!

Life As A Gent

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