Real Estate: Big Houses Big $ Near Boston

Alright gents, we live in a pretty kick ass part of New England, and frankly – America! Love me some Metro West of Boston, Pulled some of fav properties together, all of which w/ a properly sized wallet, I would sign on the dotted line immediately.

We have said it before and will again – hard work pays off, get yourself into the Weston, Wellesley, Needham, Dover’s of the world, and life is good – so sit back and enjoy a little Real Estate porn!

215 Newton St. Weston MA, $2.69 Mil, 5 Bed, 3 full, 2 half baths, 5,398 square feet

215 Newton Weston1

215 Newton Weston2

215 Newton Weston4

215 Newton Weston3

6 Turtle Lane, Dover MA, $1.095 Mil, 6 Bed, 3 Full, 1 Half Bath, 4,104 sqft, 3.55 Acres




32 Draper Rd, Dover MA, $1.35 Mil, 4 Beds,3 Full, 2 Half Baths, 4,963 sq ft

32 Draper Ave Dover

32 Draper Ave Dover2

32 Draper Ave Dover 3

65 Whitman Rd, Needham MA, $1.175 Mil, 4 Bed, 3 Full, 1 Half Bath, 4,365 Sqft

65 Whitman Needham

65 Whitman Needham2

65 Whitman Needham4

65 Whitman Needham 3

720 South St. Needham MA, $2.95 Mil, 5 Bed, 3 Full, 2 Half Baths, 7,653 sqft

720 South St. Needham

720 South St. Needham2

720 South st. Needham3

720 South St. Needham4

5 Concord St. Weston MA. $14.9 Mil, 8 Bed, 6 full, 2 1/2 baths, 12,859 square feet
Had to! We are just in awe of this property! #goals




5ConcordWestonMA151 Cliff Rd Wellesley, MA $2.050 Mil, 6 Beds, 3 Full, 1 Half Bath, 3,974 sqft
A chance to jump on a great prop on a truly historic New England street!





Alright gents, go get em – or 2!

Life As A Gent


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