Food: French Press Coffee & Bakery – Needham MA

Coffee. It’s essentially our life blood. The day doesn’t begin until at least 1 cup of joe is consumed. It sounds counter-intuitive but I get up earlier then necessary to have a cup or 2 of coffee. That time in the morning is very important.


So, it goes w/ out saying that when a new coffee shop/bakery opens up in walking distance of Life As A Gent HQ, we are in!


French Press opened this past year in downtown Needham, a well to do suburb of Boston. It opened w/ great expectations, fan fare, and necessity. A proud Needham-ite we are yes, but dude, this town’s coffee offering sucked. French Press immediately fixed that.

French Press – An aptly named coffee spot!

Offering a full range of coffee, espresso and teas – as artisinal as you may like as well. Think lattes, macchiatos, americanos, cappuccinos and the like. Our go to at all times is a latte, hot or cold, seasonally appropriate of course. French Press’ doesn’t disappoint – other than not offering sizes for their iced. Sometimes I want a massive iced latte – and would be willing to pay some extra $. But that’s something we can deal with given the quality and overall strength of the espresso used.  A good day will be had when we start at French Press!

Oh… did we mention the bakery aspect of FP? Well just take a look at the pictures below, these should inform you of what to expect, but also check out the menu.



So when you find yourself in metro west of the surrounding area and you have a hankering for a touch of caffeine, a sticky bun and some New England charm w/ a touch of London + Paris. French Press on Chapel (74) St. in Needham is a must hit.

Life As A Gent

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