Cars: Dreaming of a Road Trip!

Alright Gents, we have officially entered the doldrums of winter – the holiday madness is past us, our winter “vacation” is complete.  Now all we need to do is wait out the rest of February and ALL of March (terrible month!)

How do you do this? Well we could drink (a good local bourbon, cheers!), but I am an advocate of a good road trip day dream.  The open road, the scenery, the food we encounter on the way and of course… the car!

So to get us through the next 5ish weeks of winter – the below day dream cars and scenic New England road trips will have to do!  Our stomping ground is here in New England, and the day or weekend road trip’s are kinda endless. Coast, mountains, back roads, restaurants, islands etc…

Round 1 – A trip up the New Hampshire coast on Rte 1A in a 2000 era Porsche 911.

Porsche 911 2000

There is something about an older 911 that has always appealed to us.  I mean I would rip around in a 2016 any day… but to be realistic, our dream car as 18 year old is now very obtainable, and still as epic as ever. Certainly something we could take up the coast on the quick.

Rte 1a New hampshire


Now a seacoast trip w/ the windows open in a Porsche? That’s a day dream!

Round 2: Covered Bridge Tower – Vermont in a BMW M5


I can see it (well hear!) it now, the growl of this German saloon car downshifting as we enter the covered bridges.  Not to mention the twisties we find in between each bridge. Love the back roads of Vermont! Are there even cops in Vermont?!

Vermont Covered Bridge

Vermont Covered Bridge 3


Round 3: Tiverton and Little Compton Rhode Island in a 2011 Bentley Continental GTC Speed(from Travart Rental)

Bentley Convertible

Our guys at Travart Rental is hooking the New England area up when a luxury car is needed. When we want to cruise in style to the likes of Sakonett Vineyards, and Tiverton 4 Corners, maybe The Boathouse – this Bentley Continental GTC Speed is perfect. Plus, you can punch it on the straights and it just goes like hell!



Now those are some epic road trips and cars gents! Can’t wait till spring and summer, I think we might have to knock all 3 of these out.  Until then, we will attempt to survive the rest of winter!

Cheers gents!

Life As A Gent

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