Fashion + Cars: James Bond = Daniel Craig

James Bond. When you hear it, 007, it exudes swagger, style, guts, game and gentlemanly confidence.  When I think 007, I think Daniel Craig.  For the past 4 Bond’s, Craig has allowed us to live vicariously through his talents, style and epic zero F’s given swagger. And for that, we can’t thank him enough.  Part of me wants to be him, I want to sound like him, look like him, act like him and most definitely dress like him.

Pay attention Gents!

Part of me has always believed, if Bond wasn’t British, I would argue the entire series/concept wouldn’t have have gotten past the 2nd movie. An American, Sly Stallone? Ha! Matt Damon (Jason Bourne!) doesn’t have the swagger or style, Arnold!? ha! It just wouldn’t work.

Now, it seems Craig wants to walk away from the series, which pains me as an enormous fan, who doubts the next could be as good or more Bond like.

Yes, I get each Bond brings their own style, grace and ideas…. But not since Connery, has there been a Bond so perfect (clearly, my opinion.)

This Barbour Jacket is… just epic!

So I was excited to read today that MGM is considering pushing back (sad) the 25th Bond installment to allow Craig the needed time to complete his next project (happy!)  It remains to be seen what exactly happens, but MGM should do what they can to save their $2 Billion Bond!

We thought it would be fun to pull a handful of our favorite Daniel Craig James Bond images together – celebrating his style, the cars (LOVE an Aston Martin!) and his overall 007 badassness!

Alright Gents, lets hope MGM can convince Craig to stay, and in the mean time, I guess Skyfall and Spectre will just be repeat!


Life As A Gent

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