Fashion: New Kicks – New Balance 580 Urban Noise

To say we are excited about the New Balance 580’s we just ordered would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Lately (or really for quite awhile) New Balance’s lifestyle sneaker department has been killing the street style game – a sentiment shared by local stylish dude and buddy of LAAG, Alex Weaver of BostInno fame.


For those in the know, and slowly but surely, any self respecting “sneakerhead”, NB’s are a must.  Gone are the days of the gross white, super wide Velcro Newbies your granddad used to rock back in the day.

580 Urban Noise

Expect a ton of coverage here and on Insta  when our new 580 Urban Noises come in.  I think its the mix of our preppy dress, and the street feel of these kicks that are most appealing.  We love a good “fashion juxtaposition.”

New Balance 580 Urban Noise

Finally, and it took a little bit of thought, but we are taking a different route/approach (so far, things could change) this spring, away from our classic, and oh so street, Adidas Stan Smiths. A sneaker we have rocked each year since grade school.

Let us know what you think all your Sneakerheads out there!

Cheers Gents.

Life As A Gent


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