Travel: 1st 5 Star Hotel on Cape Cod – Wequassett Resort

Gents, I was surprised, actually kind of shocked when I read that there was not a 5 Star resort/hotel on Cape Cod.  I figured there had to be – something classic and beautiful, tucked on the ocean in a remote and secluded location – a destination for the those who want to be left alone, and could afford such luxury and quiet!

Well, we can now say our local vacation destination finally has a 5 Star Resort, Thanks to Wequassett Resort and Golf Club. 27 acres on Pleasant Bay in Harwich MA, and features the Cape Cod National Golf Course. OK, that all sounds great. But really, It doesn’t take much to explain why Wequassett was the first, just look at the pictures. We will give you a second!

And then there is the service.  According to Wequassett managing partner Mark Novota, “What we essentially do is work hard to customize all of our services and connect with all of our guests ideally in an emotional way,” Novota says.*


So the views, the facilities, the golf, the food, the drink, the fire pit!? AND the service is top notch? Gents, this is it, this is a must visit this summer vacation season.  A room w/ a view, a round of golf, a gin and tonic by the pool.

See you Wequassett soon!

Life As A Gent

*quote from magazine –

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