Fashion: Oscars- Best Dressed (and other stuff)

We love the Oscars. Sure its a bit controversial and maybe a tiny bit out of touch w/ reality. But we love movies, right? We love fashion right? We love humor, music. and this year, Girl Scout cookies!

But really, its about the tuxes – and just how freakin well dressed and humble Eddie Redmayne is! Now that’s a gent of epic proportions…

Eddie Redmayne

So, we watched the red carpet nonesense a little bit… but are really relying on our buds at GQ to review and snipe up some good images for our best dressed choices.  There was more than Eddie, but we could possibly just stop it here and let the above image represent Oscars 2016!

Starting w/ the host, Chris Rock. We love the monologue, we really loved the Girl Scout cookies, and did Will Smith REALLY make $20 mil for Wild Wild West?! Stupid.

Chris Rock
Our fav part? The red bottoms on those epic Louboutins!

Big ups and massive congrats to Leo.  Truly well deserved. And kudos for going truly classic w/ his tux. When you are that famous, that good looking and that smooth – you don’t need anything fancy, shiny, oddly colored etc… Just a crisp, perfectly fitted black tux. Nailed it.

Leo Dicaprio

A presenter, who arguably should have been a nominee – Michael B. Jordan crushed it in a Ralph Lauren Purple Label Tux.  That Rachel McAdams arm candy (or should I say leg) didn’t hurt either!

MichaelBJordan Oscars
Dig that double breasted jacket

I know he got knocked around for this (not that he gave any F’s), but I kinda dug Pharrell Williams’ cuffed look. Now, bear with me, its clearly non traditional, its clearly not ideal for a black tie event. But that dude wore shorts last year! Shorts! So a little naked ankle w/ a perfectly fitting jacket, we say go! Pharrell Williams

There were others, like Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell’s beard, and maybe Kevin Hart?! Not sure I was down w/ the bedazzled look.  But at 5’4″ its tough to stand out in a crowd, so we get it.

Overall, I thought this years Oscars were cool, Mad Max Fury Road is clearly a movie we need to see (that thing won like everything!) Straight Outta Compton should have been nominated – no doubt in our mind. Sure it scared some white folks, but telling the truth hurts sometimes.

Lastly, get rid of that thank you ticker tape shit, that sucked.

Cheers Gents! Congrats to all of the winners, thanks Mad Max for sharing some of the awards!

Life As A Gent

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