Food: The Local – Burger w/ an EGG!

Gents, I was in the mood for a burger last Saturday… It just so happened that our aptly named “local” spot The Local in Wellesley had just the thing.

A spot we hit on the regular w/ the whole fam, they do it up right. Good Wine and Beers, even a cocktail when feeling fancy, which is pretty much all the time!  The Local’s menu ranges from fried pickles, to flatbreads, to a BURGER.. which we will discuss shortly, to steak tips, good fries, fish, salads etc.. It will have something for everyone.

The Local Fries

We enjoy the ambiance, the people are nice, depending upon the time you go, the crowds range from families and OLD wasps (early crowd) to date nights, couples, young wasps, single and ready to mingle in burbs types (later crowd.) This trip, we happen to fit into the family… so no need for a reservation (recommended if going late night on the weekend!)

The Local Wellesly Bar

Now, the important stuff… that burger.  Its not something this gent craves often, why? I am unsure.  But when I do, its GO TIME and Saturday we went big, adding a fried egg.. you know, for the extra protein –  and we were not disappointed!

The Local Burger w Fried Egg

Messy yes, the egg yolk makes it a bit of project, but the added flavor and savory factor makes it worth every extra napkin… truly. Not to mention the truffle fries along side, always a crowd favorite. We added cheddar, and kept the onions and lettuce as any true burger needs that added crunch!

So gents, when in the mood – may we recommend a burger w/ an egg on it – all the time! Kudos to The Local for yet another great meal, see you again soon, or maybe in your Wayland location for an outside (summer) meal!

Cheers and Enjoy.

Life As A Gent

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