Food: Nachos at The Black Cow in Newburyport

This past weekend we made a trek up the coast to the seaside, and quintessential New England town of Newburyport.  A spot we frequent in the warmer months as the seaside breezes and drinks at The Plum Island Grille are a summer must!

However, this time it was for a lunch visit w/ an old family friend, and our meeting spot is almost always The Black Cow. A great spot literally in the water, with (when the weather is right) an epic outside deck that is again, in the water!

A spot on the/in the water!

It was warm last weekend, but not THAT warm… Doesn’t matter, the view is still pretty awesome from inside. So we ordered our lunch/brunch Bloody Mary and all was right w/ the world.

We then turn our focus to the food… a spot for a burger yes, a salad, sure, a full menu if needed, steak tips for lunch even! So we knew we were in for a good meal.  But for whatever reason, last Saturday, I was feeling frisky, and got the Nacho’s…. ? Yeah, totally random and boy was it a smart order!

Massive Nachos!

A massive plate of Nachos was placed in front of me.  A meal for one? I was up for the challenge. For whatever reason, we love the use of the tri-colored chips, its adds that colorful and fun pop… that apparently I need! As any good Nacho should be, the plate is hot, chips are crispy, but the cheese is super melted.  The jalapenos were plentiful, and the sour cream was nowhere to be found (and that was by request!) I tapped out w. a few chips left… but was proud of the work I put in, and would recommend these bad-boys to anyone at anytime.  OK, now I’m hungry.

The BlackCow Newburyport

A spot we would recommend for a day trip, for lunch, for dinner, and definitely a drink on the deck in the summer. There is something about a water front venue in New England that just means a slight breeze, a cocktail & a great time. Come on Summer!!

See you again Black Cow, Thanks as always.

Life As A Gent

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