Fashion: Made In America Socks by Dead Soxy

Alright Gents, we are fans/advocates/lovers of the sockgame, dressy, striped, skulls, polkadots, no shows… and we have a sister company called A Man Among Socks – proving our point infact! The Gents at A Man Among Socks are bringing you 20+ brands and 100’s of styles.  Its paramount to feature and highlight any and all Made In America brands just like – Dead Soxy, a Dallas TX based sock brand, and one AMAS carry’s here.

These gents spent 2.5+ years working to find the perfect sock and the finished product was well worth the wait and effort. There is something to be said about a company/brand that stands steadfastly behind their product, their passion and quality makes DeadSoxy an easy sell at A Man Among Socks.

Shop the New Dead Soxy Socks!
Shop the New Dead Soxy Socks!

They say it with style and grace right on their site: “Our socks are guaranteed to never slip or fall during your wear.” & “Our socks will not shrink… EVER!”

Checkout their new styles, like The Westwood, The Kessler and The Oxford and they have just launch of their laces.  A Man Among Socks is always looking for new editions to their shop, and shoe laces are happening, for sure!


So go, check them out, see what Dead Soxy has to offer, and know its worth that little extra $ for a pair or (2) that will last you!

So go get em Gents.

Life As A Gent

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