Fashion: My Shockoe Atelier Denim

Gents, denim is our daily wear, denim paired w/ wingtips, w/ sneaks, w/ a blazer, with a vest, tie, no tie… doesn’t matter. It really kinda defines us.  So when we met Shockoe Atelier, a Made in America (Richmond Virginia to be exact) denim brand at American Field Boston last year – we knew it was a match made in denim heaven.

Since then I have been personally living in a pair of Slim Rainbow Neppy selvedge jeans. Neppy refers to small, multi color neps on both the exterior & interior of the jean – adding just that little bit of texture and unique style.

Slim Neppy

In true Made in America denim fashion – these are of insane quality – and the artisan who hand crafted these even signed the pocket. Such a cool and personal touch.  Dark blue at first wear… but as the wearing begins, as does the lightening.

Shockoe Atelier Neppy

Now, with any pair of selvedge denim – the fun part is breaking them in.  And breaking them in is what we have been done.  As mentioned – for literally the last 6 or 7 months, I have worn nothing but these.  They were tight, they were stiff, they pinched… but now? They gently hug, caress even? 🙂 my lower half.  A good pair of slevedge denim becomes part of you – this I know is true! The knees are begging to fade, the wallet pocket is beginning fade, there is even a sheen over my left thigh where I cross my leg.

Selvege Denim Shockoe Atelier

However, our favorite aspect of the break in process… and I can’t truly explain why is the whiskering of the knees.  Perhaps its because they almost immediately start to whisker, on your first wear.  Our Shockoe Atelier’s are our workhorse, but an insanely elegant one.

Shockoe Atelier Neppy Denim
Knee Whiskering

In short, our Shockoe Atelier’s are our workhorse, but an insanely elegant one.  Which I would argue is the perfect combo – strong and powerful yet smooth and stylish.  The breakin process is always ongoing – so expect more updates.  However, the need to express our genuine love for these jeans, and for the brand is paramount.

Expect more on these beauties here every once in a while. The more we break them in, the more we love em.

Life As A Gent


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