Fashion: My Week as a 9Tailors Model

This past winter I was invited in by 9 Tailors to come into their new Boston shop for a custom fitting, the whole 9 – pick your fabric, cut, vent, buttons, lining, ticket pocket? yup.  But, most importantly for a gent who’s 6’5″ – is the fit.  The measurement, the shoulders, the sleeve length.  9 Tailors is stocked w/ a talented staff, they measured me up good – and we custom built a green tweed blazer, w/ a unique purple gingham lining, and yes, a ticket pocket. A nod to the classic and old school dandy.


The purpose of this exercise was to showcase the craftsmanship, the art and hard work that goes into each 9 Tailors creation.  I was to take over their Instagram account for an entire week, all while highlighting their handy work.

After 2 fittings, a tweak here, a tweak there – the jacket was perfect – built only for me.  So we hit historic Beacon Hill in Boston for a shoot w/ 9 Tailors own Michelle behind the camera and Eboni helping style, keep us focused, and looking good.


To see the week on Instagram, go here. But I wanted to share some additional images, from that shoot in Beacon Hill.  We were pumped to be featured, and want to share as much as we can – since its so damn hard to find a good tailor. So if you are still searching and you are in the New England area, your search is over…. seriously.

Checkout the below gallery for some additional shots – and Thanks again to the 9 Tailors team of Sam, Michelle and Eboni.

Life As A Gent

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