Food: Brunch @ The Salted Slate – Providence RI

This past weekend we brunched at The Salted Slate in our favorite part of Providence RI – Wayland Square.

An easy ride into town is Providence, one of the cutest and easiest to navigate cities here in New England. Great food, a huge mall, sites to see, an Ivy League school… Providence really does have it all, all buttoned up in a small quaint package.

But we are here to tell you about The Salted Slate.  A relatively new spot (formerly Farmstead) SS offers a small yet delightful (brunch) menu – broken up by Savory or Sweet options.  As breakfast/brunch goes for me – Savory all the way!  We were given a great seat in the corner, all 9 of us (3 kids) were kind of out of everyone’s hair… but thankfully at 10:30 in the AM, there were plenty of young kids! SS is broken up by a bar in the middle of the restaurant – a spot I would like to frequent for sure.  A comfy and warm vibe for sure.

Salted Slate

So the whole crew sat down, we situated the kids in their high chairs, got the crayons out… and ordered MUCH needed coffees.

We then did the best thing we had done in weeks –  we ordered the homemade donuts… that was, and should be for all of you – a must!

Salted Slate Donuts
Hot, Fresh and Insane!

We got 6 for the table… and boy am I glad there were others there to eat these. Cause I would have crushed all 6 no questions asked. Warm, fresh, the glaze was just right – not too thick, but just sugary enough.  The insides were just the right amount of doughy. I would order these for dinner if I could. Truly, highly recommended.  If you are keeping count – I had 1.5 😉

As we sipped our 2nd cups of coffee, and licked our fingers… it was time to order from the Savory or Sweet menu… All around the table, the waffles, the french toast was ordered, an eggs benedict, and then me.  It was a toss up between the eggs benedict vs. chicken and waffles.  Because my better half went w/ the eggs benedict, my decision was made infinitely easier – Chicken and Waffles it was!

Salted Slate ChickenWaffles
The sausage gravy made this incredible!

Not a huge portion, which is great – as we were still satisfied from those donuts.  But the chicken was fried perfectly, hot and juicy inside w/ a crispy exterior, the waffle was great, but that southern cream gravy… That was out of this world. A smart yet subtle move by Chef Benjamin Lloyd is the use of the arugula.  That little bit of bite and peppery taste/texture worked really well. Nicely done chef.

All in all – we were very impressed w/ The Salted Slate, and have vowed to come back (sans the kids) for a dinner date. I want to let chef Lloyd work more of his magic and also let the bartenders mix me up something fun….

Chef Lloyd – photo: Providence Journal

See you guys again soon!

Life As A Gent


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