Mens Grooming: Marlowe.


Wanted to take a second and tell you about a Made in the USA grooming product that’s actually affordable and you can get it at….. Target! Gasp!!

I am the first to admit I am a grooming product junky, Birchbox can’t send me enough samples of stuff (well that’s not true, but you know what I mean.) We take our grooming seriously, we are OK spending some $$ on the good stuff, the Baxters, the Kiehs of the world.  But we were stunned to see a cool, assuming newish brand while filling the shopping cart w/ all types of stuff during a recent stop at Target.

Kudos to Marlowe. for their cool yet simple branding – something that caught my eye as I was grabbing a pack of razors… I picked up a Facial Scrub, scoped it out, realized it was Made in the U.S. of A – and was half expecting it to be $19… But when it said $8.99 I was in!

$8.99 at Target

In the cart it went! Ok, so I was sold on the label and pricing – but was it for real? Did I like it, does it smell nice, does it work?

First, a quick look at the featured ingredients:

Features our proprietary Marlowe. M Blend™, a unique formulation of curated extracts designed to nourish, smooth, and revitalize skin.

Marlowe. M Blend™

  • Passionflower Fruit Extract – High in vitamin C and iron to aide in skin restoration and moisture
  • Green Tea Extract – Rich in antioxidants to help fuel skin cell repair and protect from environmental stresses
  • Willow Bark Extract – Calming properties to help reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin
  • Deep Sea Algae Extract – Nutrients extracted from deep ocean waters to help soothe sensitive or inflamed skin

I can say with conviction that this is a legit Men’s Grooming product.  This isn’t fancy branding and a shit product…. I would argue the $20, $30 products need to figure out how to lower their pricing… Marlowe. Mens has found the right combo of quality, pricing and social sustainability to be a massive player – and we are here to tell you all!

I love the scent, the scrubbing aspect and the general cleansed feeling post washing.  Now I just need the full regimen, which includes a body wash, cleanser, moisturizer, shaving cream, shaving gel, beard oil and more!  I guess it’s back to Target we go!


Our only bit of feedback is the scrub is clunky to squeeze out of the tube as its thick. Chalk this up to the exfoliant scrub aspect of it.  However, when in the 5am daze, an aggressive squeeze can lead to way too much scrub and too many of those squeezes could lead to a busted up tube. So, just go easy on it gents!

Like I said, $8.99 for some killer Made in America Men’s Grooming goodies is a bandwagon I have jumped on – and ain’t getting off any time soon.  We have our daily, go to grooming products locked down.

Your move Kiehls!

Life As A Gent


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