Cars: The Rolls-Royce Wraith Overdose by SPOFEC

Gents, now this is a Rolls I could see driving! Don’t get me wrong, I dig and get the concept of a Rolls – but until now I feel like you get driven around in a Rolls… to the country club, to the office to the secret society of wealthy old white dudes…


I want a car you can drive! Drive me around when I am old and lazy….

And this Rolls-Royce Wraith Overdose custom by SPOFEC just looks like its ready for a road trip. A very elegant and “look at me” type of road trip! I dig the stance, I dig the matte color, I dig the black wheels – and 717 HP ain’t bad either. I dig that exclusivity and rarity – there is something to be said about having only 1 of the only few that will be created! (the struggle….)

Enjoy these images and let the day dreaming begin!

Life As A Gent

Photo credit: Stupid Dope

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