Fashion: National Sunglasses Day – Local Favs!

Gents, apologies… its been way too long! We are back – and a fitting day indeed, as its National Sunglasses Day. The sun is out, its warm, and the days are LONG – its Summer people!

So, lets take a quick look below on this National Sunglasses Day at our favorite local to New England eye-wear/sunglasses brands and styles.

I must start w/ a brand we currently have on the top of our heads, the standard for Made in America and Made in New England Sunglasses – Randolph Engineering. I mean these aviator style shades have been made in MA since 1972… That’s just so cool!


and my personal favorite – and the pair we are blocking the summer rays w/ today, the Corsairs!

Randolph Engineering Corsairs

Another local brand getting some pretty epic press (Town & Country!!) Is Norton Point, a Martha’s Vineyard based brand redefining the “wayfarer!” And based on the below pair of shades, I would argue doing a damn good job of it.


We are huge fans of the additional coloring at the back for these shades + the iconic style of tortoiseshell as it adds just that bit of unique flavor… And we love unique!


Perhaps you are more of a “clubman” type? Well Norton Point has you covered as well w/ their Charlie #015 shades.

And finally, Maine’s addition to the Sunglasses offering right here at home is Traps Eyewear. These gents have done a killer job w/ their R+D, and the finished product is spectacular. For those who don’t know, Traps takes original, weathered lobster traps, and re-purposes them into eyewear. Yep, you read that correctly – now how New England is that?! mmhhhmm.


Traps The Jack

So, lets celebrate in style gang! Happy National Sunglasses Day! Us New Englanders are lucky – and have a pretty epic collection of brands and styles to choose from.
Until next time…


Life As A Gent


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