Fashion: Standard Deviation

Hey Gents, a Happy 4th to all, did we all celebrate our countries bday in style? #freedom was our motto and boy did we live it! And with that level of excitement, we wanted to intro you all to a new brand, Standard Deviation Apparel.

Anytime we run across a brand making their goods in the U.S. of A – we are in! Especially denim! AND especially denim for under a $100… We had to learn more!

NDS_0282-CinemaBleachByPassGrainContrastlighteffect63 (1)

We connected w/ Stephanie a co founder, and wanted her to give us a quick breakdown of whats cool, new and exciting w/ SD and we were pleased to hear:
Based in Brooklyn, Standard Deviation combines contemporary menswear with streetwear influences. Starting in 2016, co-founders Manuel Gonzales-Luna and Stephanie Park have sought to create a brand that their friends would want to wear. One that offers:

  • Fresh, yet comfortable aesthetic
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Accessible prices
  • Ethically sourced product from factories in locations where the founders can reasonably expect fair labor practices and wages (in the U.S. and Canada)

Lets take a cruise through their lookbook/product offering below:

Spruce Slim Fit Sweatshirt
Grey Gamma Denim
Grey Gamma Denim $98
Black Alpha Denim: $98
Black Alpha Denim: $98
Dark Indigo Beta Denim $98
Dark Indigo Beta Denim $98

We are excited to see how Standard Deviation joins, influences and adapts w/ the ever changing world of fashion and street wear.  Gents, in short, these guys are on the right path, dig the price point, and US made quality – now its time to tell the world, and sport the goods!!

Life As A Gent

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