Fashion: Lthr Supply’s T2 Disc Dial Timepiece


Let us introduce you to LTHR Supply’s newest and most unique creation yet – The T2. This is the worlds first Disc Dial: Dual Time Zone timepiece, ever created. So all you world travelers out there, take note, take a look, and fund this project – immediately.

Lthr Supply T2

Even if you are not a world traveler – this beauty will make anyone’s wrist the center of attention!

After what we can only assume was a ton of R+D, the gents at LTHR Supply have the T2 up on Kickstarter, and to make this functional yet minimalist beauty a real thing – they need you.  Lets get this project funded. And lets get your wrist upgraded.

Sure sure, you need a little more info before pulling the trigger. Here is from the horses mouth! Lets let the pro’s at LTHR Supply break down the T2.

“Dual time zone watches have been the first choice for pilots and globetrotters since the late 50’s. Taking design cues from these classic timepieces, we’ve re-imagined the dual time zone silhouette for the 21st century traveler—pairing down the T2’s features to the essentials for a modern, minimalist look that’s the perfect style and size for any wrist.”

T2 Bands and Faces

“The T2 does dual time telling a bit differently than a conventional timepiece. Most dual time zone watches feature two separate hour hands (sometimes even a miniature dial) that indicate the time at home and abroad. In order to keep the face as clean and as minimal as possible, the T2 features our patent-pending disc dial. Using the disc dial’s triangle indicator (that makes a full rotation in 24 hours) and the 24-hour rotating bezel, you can set your dial to any time zone in the world. And the luminous dials featured on every model means you’ll be able to keep track of your time zones day and night.”

T2 Close Up

T2 Timezone

So there you have it gang – unique, functional, stylish, and unique (yes on here twice!)…. Unique is something we love, just being a little bit different than others. We are huge fans of LTHR Supply, and know you will as well.

Go to it!
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