Men’s Grooming: Brothers Artisan Beard Oil

Gents, hows the summer going?! Hot enough for ya? Yeah, yeah it is….

As a somewhat always kinda bearded gent, summer is an interesting time. We trim it down to a short length, we then let it grow cause I am lazy, it gets trimmed again, it grows, we trim, it grows etc…

Brothers Artisan Oil

However, no matter the length, basically at all times I am cognizant of the health, cleanliness and “shiny”ness of the beard… I don’t like a dry, prickly face, I mean who does? So, insert beard oil here… Maybe something you don’t think of in the hot gross muggy summer, right? Well, when a Ben Dahlhaus pic comes along (see featured image) you realize the power of a good, well cared for beard.

And, I am here to tell you, please use it, use something. We lean to a local brand Brothers Artisan Oil a product used daily, for our beard grooming game.  I have preached and will always preach, locally made products, products w/ a bit of hustle and elbow grease behind it, you know, LOVE. That’s important to us, and Brothers Artisan embodies that love and hard work.


Currently on our desk, at our side at all times is their Rosewood & Cedarwood oil. A meaty, manly and earthy scent. Not summery, but seriously, I don’t want fruity and fragrant smells emanating from my face.. I want my beard to fell clean, and manly and woodsy – and this checks all those boxes.

Checkout their other offerings, flavors and products – and in the busy and growing world of Men’s Grooming products, be picky, be choosey – find the ones who are doing this for Love of the Game, and not just for a buck. I want to buy my beard oil from a guy who has the most epic beard… and the Brothers of Brothers Artisan sure as hell have epic beards!


Owen Beard

Cheers gents, and for those bearded ones – just get some Brothers Artisan, and keep that thing oiled and clean… its pretty simple!

Life As A Gent

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