Fashion – LV X Supreme – I Get It Now!

Alright gents, its been too damn long, apologies.

We are back… and why not start out w/ a collabo of epic proportions, at least that’s what it seems like. We need some streetwear education… so help!


Last week or something, the rumblings began, GQ, Esquire, Highsnobiety etc… all had this news trickling in, rumors, shit its gonna happen… and then BANG, Louis Vuitton and ever curious (to me) street brand SUPREME dropped a collabo.


At first blush I was distracted by the bright Supreme red and LV monogram you see on every housewife around town here in snobby New England… So I went on with life and didn’t think much of it. Admittedly, streetwear and SUPREME are not our bag (pun intended here), but the more we saw it, the more a mashup of 2 different lifestyles under one VERY expensive product line began to be intriguing, not just for the the actual product, but for what a collabo like this means, I realize its a big deal… I do.


Since then I can’t get this scenario out of my head: Nick Wooster meets Tom Ford. 2 MASSIVE names w/ 2 very different styles – come together, they mashup both styles, audiences, followers… and produce what can only be described as a functional and visual representation of both brands… Perhaps there are devote followers of each who are disgustted and turned off, it wouldn’t be art if that didn’t happen right? But my hope and guess is, the majority of the fahion world albeit untouchable for most, this goes beyond the need to actually own. I mean I think I would rather have a Tesla vs. the trunk, no?

It is clear I need some education on the appeal of SUPREME, and I in all honesty ask you to educate me/us at Life As A Gent. We lean more denim and blazers, Jcrew, Preppy New England over here… its just what know and do…


In short, we are very impressed, I do not see this hitting our “Currently Wearing” updates… but must give credit where credit is due. And with that in mind, ALL photo credit here goes to Highsnobiety, an inspiration to us and all who rock some streetwear here and there.

Cheers Gents!
Feels good to be back!

Life As A Gent


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