Sports: The Masters 2017 Begins

Morning Gents,

And so begins possibly our favorite 4 days in sports… The Masters 2017 has started.

Masters, Master 2017, Adam Scott, Golf

For fans of the game of golf, The Masters is our super bowl, our World Series, our Wimbledon! And for the first time in many decades, Mr. Arnold Palmer isn’t on the first tee as an honorary starter, and thats a big deal.

I ask that you watch this (click on image below or here), a great honor for one of the greatest, not just golfer, but man. Watching Jack and Gary, Mrs. Palmer and fans all around smile, and clap, and shed a tear… its an honor just to be a fan.

2017 Masters
Thank You Mr. Palmer

Thank you Arnold Palmer, for what you have done for the game, and for this world.

Now, wipe the tears away, and lets watch!

Live stream here.

We know what we are doing all day today and tomorrow.

Life As A Gent

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