Fashion: Miansai Accessories


In short, we are all about the accessory game, its an important part of your daily wear, and something that is often overlooked, but they are great compliments to an outfit. And when done right, its awesome!

While some wear nothing, maybe just a watch, or TOO many (think 7 bracelets, yessssh!) in our mind there is a happy spot between 0 and 34 pieces of “flare. But there is something to be said about the accessories uniqueness and quality. And a Miansai cuff, hook bracelet, necklace or ring is just that, unique, timeless, an item that stands out among the crowd of beads, and ropes!

Miansai screw_cuff_gold_1_

For quite sometime now, we have been a huge fan of Miansai, a brand that lands right in the sweet spot of uniqueness, sleek, class and style. An understated yet stylish accessory is a compliment to your daily wear, I don’t want to have my bracelets seen first, and my suit, blazer, polished brogues or cuffed denim ignored.

Miansai, Bracelet, Cuff, Mens Accessories

Miansai’s line of cuffs, hooks, necklaces and rings all have this clean cut, minimalistic and understated grace about them. You won’t see it from across the room (which is good!) but when you get up close, DAMN are they beautiful.

Miansai, cuff bracelet, mens accessories

Offering custom options for special occasions, and also offering bags, watches, belts and more…. Miansai has expanded their offering since the days of the hook wrap bracelet we picked up at JCrew forever ago! (its something we still wear to this day!)

Miansai Hook

Shop all the accessories you want, but know your Miansai cuff will stand out among all the beads, and cheap ropes… Adding that subtle piece of style your daily wear deserves.

Cheers + Enjoy!

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