Review: Anthonys For Men – Wake Up Call


Its been a while… too long in fact. And for that I apologize. Life, ya know?

Well we are back w/ a vengeance, mainly because we just got our hands on some Anthony- Wake Up Call. And as a gent w/ some young kids, and big REAL job, and you know… life. This is a dope grooming product, and w/ that rush of menthol, you are refreshed. For sure.

Anthony - Wake Up Call
Anthony – Wake Up Call

It would be cool if it was just the menthol that snapped us out of the morning funk. But Anthony – Wake Up Call is easily applied to the face, and while I cools and soothes, it also hydrates and pumps a little caffeine into the tired gents system.

Now I am an old guy who likes nice things, has 2 kids, and is super lucky to have an awesome life. And this works for me, and I bet would for you too, fellow gent! But just think what I could have done w/ this when I was young and out till the sun was just peaking over the horizon!? Or you know, a handful of Dilly Dilly’s deep golfing all weekend… and then back working on Monday??

Anthony – Wake Up Call would have been the SHOT in the system we could have used. Damn you young kids and your new stuff and technology! (HA!)

So check out the deets:


What it is: An award-winning, powerful, soothing face gel.

Who it’s for: Anyone with stressed or tired skin.

What it does: It helps energize and invigorate tired, stressed, fatigued skin while providing refreshing moisture for a luminous, youthful-looking complexion.

How to use: Apply as needed to cleansed skin in the morning. Reapply as needed for an extra boost of energy.

And buy it from your finest and nicest retailers, or from the man himself Anthony. Or like I did, grab it from the 18/8 Mens Hair Salon.

Its good to be back!


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