Fashion – Driving Gloves


Greetings, salutations and more. As of late, we have found ourselves strapping on a pair of driving gloves, firing up the VW, ensuring the tiny humans in the back are safely secured… and hitting go AND hitting go hard!

Sure, its been cold, hell, its still March. But there is something about a pair of driving gloves, yes they can and do keep the digits warm in “most” cases. Those -10 New England days; well, no one should be outside then…

Driving Gloves, Gents, Mens Fashion, Mens Accessories, Leather Gloves,
Leather Driving Gloves – Power + Freedom

Sure some have holes for the knuckles and some leave a gaping area of unprotected skin on the back of your hand. But damn, do they look good. And I am pretty sure I take corners at least 25% faster w/ them on.  And how badass do I feel when I don’t button the clasp, and I just let the leather, and my hands do the work? Um, what James Dean? Steve McQueen? Gosling in Drive? Yes. That is how I feel!


Am I crazy, or do they give us gents a sense of freedom? Classy classy freedom. In a life filled w/ responsibility, mouths to feed, jobs to get done, places to be, that time I spend in my car is kind of priceless, and most times certainly therapeutic. Sure there are 2 car seats in the back, but when the custom exhaust is gurgling, the lowered suspension is stiff yet comfortable, the unique wheels are shiny and larger than most, now my hands, what holds and controls the wheel… they feel custom and priceless as well.

Driving Gloves, Mens Leather Gloves, Mens Driving Gloves
Found These at Nordstrom. Haven’t taken them off since. (only partially kidding)

So I leave you with this. Style is your own, style is personal and functional and some gets better w/ age. Here I find myself grabbing the steering wheel, letting the knuckles out, and letting the leather grip the wheel. Letting the leather stretch as I enter a corner a touch faster than usual, as I crack the window to hear the exhaust at startup. All the while I personally have a Steve McQueen/Gosling-ish driver on my shoulder, urging me to shift just little bit later, break just that little bit later….

Enjoy Gents.

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