The Morning Routine – Shaving


Its come to my attention that I am 100% a men’s grooming freak. And I am OK w/ that.  Product is key, good product is even key-er (is that a word?!) So with that, we are always testing, trying, discovering new stuff and things. Think shave cream, moisturizer, razor(s), shave butter? Shave oil? Beard oil? etc…

The journey has taken me through mainstream stuff like Gillette, and Nivea, to more artisan examples like Kiehls (although they are pretty mainstream right?) Marlow, Blind Barber, Ursa Major, Brothers Artisan, Baxters of California, Dollar Shave Club and more. And I have had positive interactions with all.

Shaving Routine: Ursa Major And Harrys
Shaving: The Morning Routine Ursa Major X Harry’s Razor

But for me, and really for all, part of the deal is finding the right combo that is not only affordable, has a touch of natural ingredients, but one that works! Part of the men’s grooming journey is I mean, they all “work” right? A razor and shaving cream take the facial hair off… But I mean one that doesn’t irritate the skin, a combo that makes it easy, and feels good. Shaving is a favourite part of being a man, being a dad. I can’t wait to teach my boys how to shave! It’s one of my finest childhood memories.

And our current set up of goes a little something like this:

  1. Ursa Major Shave Cream
  2. Harrys Truman Razor
  3. Brothers Artisan Matte Fix
  4. Crush that Day!
Ursa Major Shave Cream
Ursa Major’s Stellar Shave Cream: Smooth, Great Cover

So let me tell you a little about Ursa Major’s Stellar Shave Cream. It’s certainly a cream, no lather, no foaming. For me, I have sensitive skin, and their cover, its thick while not gloppy and tough. The aloe Ursa Major utilizes offers a soothing post shave feel, something my skin really needs. That alone made this product a go-to for me.

Shave Cream, Natural, Aloe, Great Cover, Ursa Major
Ursa Major Shave Cream: Offers Great Cover and soothing Aloe

As we utilize a Harry’s Truman Razor, I am forever comfortable with the fact that Harry’s soothing and sharp blades combined w/. Ursa Major’s Aloe… My Skin is in good hands.  Harry’s has been our razor for a few years now. I love that they are available at Target, that I can buy replacement blades in 4 packs, and that they last for many shaves. It’s an easy choice. I don’t need a 28 blade razor, and I don’t trust myself w/ a straight blade. SO, Harry’s it is. 🙂

So, here we are. After years of futzing around with different combos, I am pleased with these products, I am pleased with the quality, their “artisanal” feel and ultimately the way it works!

Cheers, all Dads and Gents. Happy Shaving!


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